Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nomenclature... always the nomenclature....

User: I tried pasting, but then it wouldn't paste, and now my email's gone!
Myself: Okay, so we'll need to pull that from a back up. I'll need the last known good date.
User: ...
Myself: So when was your email last known to be... good?
User: Oh, my email is working just fine. I just lost a few things that were sent to me.
Myself: Uh right, so when was your email still there?
User: Oh, it's here right now.
Myself: I thought you said you lost email.
User: Oh no, I lost several.
Myself: Okay. So you lost email...
User: (INTERRUPTING) Several.
Myself: Uh... I was always told that you could just said 'email' if it was one or multiple.
User: (CURIOUS) Oh? Okay.
Myself: So you lost your email around when?
User: Oh, last hour, hour and a half, two...
Myself: Er, right, so if someone was going back and trying to find out when your email was still there, when would they look? Two hours?
User: I think it was around then.
Myself: (FINALLY VICTORIOUS) We'll call it three to be safe.


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