Monday, December 19, 2005

My head hurts....

I just got off the phone with Robert. Robert doesn't speak English very well. In fact, Robert speaks English so poorly, that his name is not actually Robert. Robert has never been his name, and most likely never will be... but Robert speaks English so poorly that when I asked him if his name was Robert, he said yes. Robert speaks English so poorly that when I called him Robert for five minutes, he didn't stop me. Robert speaks English so poorly that I actually head-butted my monitor at one point. You see, Robert doesn't like to let on that he doesn't know what you're saying. This presents a problem when Robert is speaking with people. This is a problem when Robert calls me. This is a problem... when you're trying to kill Robert. That's right Robert, if I may call you that, I'm trying to kill you with the force of my hate for you. My hate, anger and frustration is so great that it transcends names. It does not care whether your name is Robert or not, especially when you'll gladly answer to that name. My hate is great, but possibly your stupidity is greater. But my anger feeds on your stupidity Robert. My anger feeds....

/vent frustration


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