Monday, December 19, 2005

A failure to communicate...

Me: Okay, what we're going to be typing is going be using the 'backslash' key. This is not on your question mark key
Caller: (DISTRACTED, BROWSING START MENU) Sure, question mark or backslash, just let me know what to type.
Me: I will, but we're not using the question mark key.
Caller: (NOT LISTENING, OPENING MINESWEEPER) Yeah, we're using the backslash
Me: Which is the one that goes from the upper left to the lower right and is not located on the question mark key...
Caller: (BORED, PLAYING MINESWEEPER) Backslash, yeah.
Me: ... andit's usually located above the Enter key, do you see it?
Caller: (AGGRIVATED, LOSING MINESWEEPER) I'm ready to type, if you would just tell me what character to type in already!
Me: I am trying to tell you what to type. I'm trying to tell you what to _NOT_ type first! We're not using the forwardslash key, which is located on the question mark key. We're using the backslash. Could you tell me if you see the other slash mark key, it's located over the enter key?
Me: Okay, I just needed you to confirm that. So now type in backslash-backslash-"long network path" ...Read that back off to me?
Caller: backslash-backslash-"long network path"
Me: Great! now hit Enter
Caller: You mean OK?
Me: (STIFLING GREAT CRY OF ANGUISH) Enter key, Ok button. It's all the same!


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