Wednesday, April 12, 2006

At work today, I went to the kitchenette for a cup of coffee. I staggered in to find that they've gone and replaced our coffee makers for the 3rd time since we moved into this building. Gone are the machines which took the little white pouches of ground coffee. They've been replaced with larger countertop monoliths, to which you feed a sealed plastic Dixie cup in order to receive some coffee pissed into your cup. The plastic Dixie cup then disappears into the innards of the machine, where they wind up in a rather undersized trash bin, which is a devil to extricate and dump out.

Already one of the two machines has ceased functioning, and sits there non-responsive, firm in its belief that it's emptied cup bin is actually overflowing. As several people gathered around to inpect the new machinery, one man announced that if the malfunctioning machine was unplugged for a short time, that it would dispense a single cup of coffee before going offline again.

At this point, some wag in the group quipped "Oh god, now we have to reboot the coffee machine too?"

Bonus: A moment later, a woman told me with a very straight face that a Starbucks is going to be put in the basement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where I used to work we had those K Cup machines there too. They did produce some very good coffee. But No One every cleaned it or took care of it. Always Jamming the Smaller Bin in the back that Everyone came over to me a told me (My Desk was near it so they assumed it was part of my job) to fix it.

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