Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why I drink

ME: ...okay, and after you click that button you'll have reset your password. Do have you have any other questions?
CALLER: But what do I do in five days?
ME: Huh? What happens in five days?
CALLER: My password expires
ME: What password?
CALLER: This password
ME: What told you that.
CALLER: The warning
ME: *takes a few seconds thinking* You mean the one you received before we walked you through resetting your password?
ME: You reset your password. It's no longer expired.
CALLER: But it will in five days?
ME: No
CALLER: So it doesn't expire?
ME: Well, it will, but in about a month.
CALLER: So what do I do in five days.
ME: Nothing, it's not going to expire
CALLER: But what if it expires?
ME: *whimpers*


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