Monday, January 09, 2006

Where angels fear to tread....

While remote controlling a user's computer...

Me: Your computer is running rather slow.
Caller: Yeah, it does that a lot
Me: (Checks Task Manager) Something's using 98% of your system's processing time. (Googles the process) This is Norton Anti-Virus!?!
Caller: Yeah?
Me: How did this get on here?
Caller: I installed it.
Me: (Slaps forehead) You do you know that we had already installed Trend-Micro A/V on here? (Checks taskbar)... and that it's running at the same time?
Caller: Oh really? What's that?
Me: It's another anti-virus program, that we installed to protect your computer from viruses.
Caller: Oh, then I guess I didn't need that.
Me: (grits teeth) We'll just uninstall it. (tries to uninstall) You don't have rights to uninstall this. How did you install this in the first place?
Caller: Oh, well I installed like a year ago.

Truly, there is no greater punishment for a fool, than to let them remain fools.


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