Monday, August 22, 2005

Virus? What's a virus?

So... Did ya hear all the news last week about the new viruses? Y'know how CNN got infected, and the New York Post. I think I heard about Fox News catching it too. Experts wrote articles about how the threat of the Zotob network virii was being overblown, and that this new virus breed spreading through the fresh PnP vulnerability wasn't as virulent or wide-spread as advertised. Yeah, there was a lot of news on that one. I might be a bit of a tech geek, but there's a pretty good chance you might have heard of that.

Which makes it all the more mystifying why the deskside support team for a Texas facility would be calling to us a week after all of the furor to find out what's up with all these computers rebooting themselves after login. Now I'm not expecting him to sit around surfing The Register and Slashdot, but somehow info needs to be trickling down to this guy. Geez...


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