Monday, January 09, 2006

"I couldn't find any papyrus, so I chiseled my email onto this pyramid"*

Caller: I'm emailing an invitation to an meeting, and when I print it out the list of invitees is completely missing.
Me: Okay, let me get remoted to your computer to take a look. *click!*
Caller: Sure! *click!*
Me: *click* Okay, we're connected. Great, now could you show me the email?
Caller: No problem *click!*
Me: Okay, so I see the list of names on the email. Looks like it's set up and ready to send... *click!* Huh, that's weird. If you take a look at the print preview I pulled up, the names field is completely missing. It doesn't even have a blank for them. Is that what you're getting when you print it out?
Caller: That's right.
Me: Okay, let me take a look... *click!* *click!* *click!* Hmm, your options seem to all be configured correctly. There must be a problem with the program itself. I'll have to send a request to have someone do some work on your computer.
Caller: Well, they'd better do it fast!
Me: (surprised) Well, the email is still going to send properly, even if the printout isn't coming out right.
Caller: I need to print this out and show it to my boss in fifteen minutes! If he sees this thing, he's gonna ask me "Who's invited" and what am I supposed to tell him?!?
Me: (dumbfounded)

* or however that Dilbert strip about printing emails went...


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