Friday, February 24, 2006

Our first submitter!

Here's our first outside submission! It's from a friend that works IT at a law firm:

Oh you never fail to make me laugh! You have the most biting wit demonstrating the real slice of IT user culture out there! I just love it! My favorite was the boat fashioned from used popsicle sticks, post-it notes and motivational posters! How true!

We have a luser here - near partner level. Great guy - BUT - here's a great example of the "popsicle ships" he creates every day.
This law firm has dictation software which basically allows an attorney to call a "vmail type" number and dictate information. Then a secretary will listen to and type-out this dication and present it in requested fashion to the originating attorney.

Well, the luser here, being longwinded as he is, discovered that most vmail boxes do not provide adequate time for him to leave his, er, messages. (you know where I am going with this yet?) SO... he decided to use this dication software to record tediously long messages. He then has our Business Center go through the trouble of burning this rambling to CD, and then (oh yes) interoffice mailing said CD to unfortunate recipient to listen to…..

Oh this is wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to mock…..


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