Monday, February 13, 2006

Missed connections....

CALLER: Hi, my Palm Pilot hasn't been sync'ing since I changed my email password. I already spoke with the local guys, so could you route to that our *garble*IP support?
ME: I'm sorry, did you say to route that to your local 'david-indigo-papa' support?
CALLER: No, I spoke with Bob. Bob Smith. He said that he'd be handling my issue.
ME: Okay, no problem.... but did you say your local 'victor-indigo-papa' support?
CALLER: *growing irritated* I specifically spoke with Bob. He said that he'd deal with the issue.
ME: *stupefied* Uh... ah... *finds voice* You meant 'very-important-person' support though, right? Letters veeee-aiieeee-peeeeee? Victor-indigo-papa?
CALLER: Oh. Oh. *pause* Yeah, that.
ME: *slaps forehead*


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