Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Argh... argh... argh...

ME: Okay, so how are you hooked up to the internet?
CALLER: I'm plugged into a router, aaand that's plugged into another router
*** 20 minutes of troubleshooting ensues... ***
ME: *Tired & frustrated* Okay, let's go over this again. Your computer's plugged into a little box, right?
CALLER: Right?
ME: Okay, and that's plugged into... *sigh* the wall?
CALLER: Right.
ME: So the wire comes out of the wall and plugs into the box, which is plugged into the computer?
CALLER: Right.
ME: And the cable coming out of the wall, is that a coax cable?
CALLER: No, it's a phone line.
ME: So your computer is plugged directly into a DSL modem. (NOT INTO A ROUTER INTO A ROUTER!!!!)


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