Thursday, August 25, 2005

Meanwhile, at stately Wayne Manor...

We just received another one of those pointless management email missives, going over policy crap that we should all know by heart. I flipped through it to make certain that they hadn't jumped some new rules on us. Fortunately it was nothing new or earth-shattering, but it did contain the following gem:

3) Reset the password for the customer and relay to customer in approved manor

An approved manor? I'm picturing a black Rolls Royce pulling up to some big mansion in Sutherdwinghamfuckshire, England. A man in black steps out of the car. A valise is handcuffed to his hand. An M5 agent disconnects from the perimeter, touching his earpiece, "Bearclaw to Cruller, the password has landed."

Sexy, no?


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Blogger N. said...

The populus demands more stores from the trenches!

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