Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I bet you thought that little light on your phone just meant you were loved...

CALLER: Yeah, I'm following up on my issue. You should see one open.
ME: *sees no open issues* Ah, one second. *opens latest issue* Okay, is that the issue about your S drive?
CALLER: That's right.
ME: Okay, that ticket's actually closed. What I'm seeing here is that they noted leaving you voicemail on the seventh, then the fourteenth, and then the twentieth. Then they said that they were closing it for lack of contact. Did you get any of those voicemail?
CALLER: Uh... yes.
ME: Did they leave you any troubleshooting information in the voicemail? Did you get any particular errors when you tried following it?
CALLER: Uh, I don't recall.
ME: Okay, did they possibly leave you a direct contact number?
CALLER: No. No. It didn't work.
ME: Oookay *smells pants on fire*


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